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Sunday, January 23, 2011

EAO Arabian Show 2010

I am still stuck in bed but feeling better...

I was just going through some of my pictures and found the ones on the EAO show this past October and thought some of you might like to see them. Rameh was in this show. Also you can see my ad for my stud farm.

The next pictures are ones that I took during the show.

 This is my table during the show...non stop drinks and tasty snacks.

This is Mohamed Hassan. He rides one of the dancing horses during the show.

The next shots are taken during the break. Adawy is Mr. Hassan's driver. He is also the one who drives the trucks that transports the horses to the show.

 This is Boogie. He is one hard worker at the stables. He is the one who broke in Amesel for me.

 These are the dancing horses during a rest and posing for everyone to take pictures.

 Mohamed and his dancing horse.

 This guy is one of the biggest stud farms in Egypt... But look closely at the guy under the horse.. he wants in the picture!
 This is Emad. He trained and showed Rameh. He did a fantastic job and it was his first show!
This is Karim Hassan. He rides dancing horses.
 This is the musicians that played for the horses to dance.
 Some of the horses during the show.
 This is Hagag. He works at the stables.
 Karim and my husband.
 Mr Hassan and friends at his table.
 Mr. Hassan and sons, Mohamed and Karim. The dancing trio.
 Mrs. Magda, Dr.Ahmed and Dr. Nerhan. They did a terrific job at setting up this show! I know as I had watched them making arrangement to setting everything on the first day!
 Dr. Ahmed.
 My husband and new friends.
 A few shots of the dancing horses.

 Me talking to Dr. Nasr Marei.

I hope you enjoyed this. I am thinking about making this into a video and putting music to it. What do you think?


  1. i miss the horsyyyyyysss :( i must go visit soon!! cant wait for the new born :D you r doing a great job makes us all proud :)

  2. Sandy thanks a lot! I too am getting very anxious about the new foal. I saw Hasnaa yesterday and she is getting close!