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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wow! Amazing things are happening here in Egypt! ESMA!!!! in action!!!

This morning I wasn't going to go to see my horses as I was in great pain (MS does that to you!) But I got dressed and grabbed my camera and bag and off I went.  I thought maybe I would have news that the new foal arrived. No, I wasn't so lucky with that little miracle but I was lucky enough to witness another miracle!

ESMA!!!! in action!!!
You can find them on Facebook!  
Here is some of what I witnessed! Truly a miracle!

Checking the feed.
 Suzie and Beth.
This is the first truck load of feed for the starving horses.

 Members of ESMA taking their own pictures of these starving animals.
 Some of the horses that received feed.
 I also have videos but most of them are in Arabic.  
 If you listen .... you can hear cats wanting food too.

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