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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update on Anwar

Sad news...the doctor says he is a hopeless case.... lets pray he isn't. When I left the stable around 7:00pm he had a bottle of milk and stood for a few minutes. He has a fever of 39C. In the morning it was 40C. He has been given antibiotics and glucose. He was alert when he was drinking his milk. He sure knows my voice. He perks up when I speak......

Anwar (one day old)

Slowly but surely we are trying to get his mother to feel comfortable to feed him. But I have just received a phone call telling me he is not doing so well and a vet is on the way to see him. He was sleeping when I was there about an hour ago. With the weather being so cold and dusty I didn't disturb him. In fact I closed up all of the stables boxes (stalls) to keep the horses warm and out of the dust storm.