Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My visit to ESMA Shelter for Dogs and Cats

These last few days I have been depressed and not really wanting to post on my blog. I am sure everyone who has been following my blog understands. RIP Anwar my little angel.

This morning I pulled myself together and went to see my horses. They were all doing well. The stable boys said they covered Hasnaa with Rameh and they would do it again today in the afternoon.

While I was going to the stables the flier of ESMA blew at me when I rolled the window down. I knew it was a sign for me so I asked some of the stable boys for directions and off I went. I was told to look for Sakara Country Club (a red wall) and keep going straight. We slowed down when we found the club, looking on both sides of the road. Finally we found it off to the left. There was another car with Dr. Ayman (I think that was his name) just setting off to another shelter where they are performing operations on some cats. Just as I got out of my car one of the people I has met at the stables during the first feeding of the starving horses arrived. Sherif showed me around the shelter. To get in the shelter you have to open the steel door and put your foot in as you squeeze your way in so that the dogs don't get out. I thought I would find a few dogs and a few cats but what I found was a shelter that is over crowded with dogs and cats. It was over whelming to say the least.

While I was at ESMA the specialized groomer from the pet spa at Harrods (Shadi) showed up and we set things up for him to pamper some of the animals. He started with a lovely little dog I wanted to adopt if it was a male. Unfortunately it was a female. She was a lovely little thing just as dirty as some of the kids you see out and about that hasn't ever seen a bathtub or shower. Once she was all cleaned up she was amazing! She was whiter than we first thought.

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  1. amazing dogs and cats, amazing people and amazing atmosphere :) had a great day thank u for taking us there :) love u