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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Faces around the stables

These are some of the faces you can see around the stables.

Wishes do come true

Growing up in the USA and visiting my relatives in OK I got to spend a lot of time around horses. I would love to ride out on my uncle's ranch. The feeling of freedom was amazing. My wishes to own a horse began then and did not come true until recently (actually a few years now). Now that I have horses I am bedridden and wishing to be able to go and see my horses. I am experiencing back spasms and it hurts like the dickens! (This isn't about my aches and pains)
Hasnaa's due date is getting closer with each passing day. She is due on  January 31, 2011.  I know there is that window of two weeks before and two weeks after but I still would like to be about to spend more time with her as her time gets closer.
This foal is the first of my stud farm's production and for me it is a very important part of history of the Arabian horse. Above is a picture of Zikery. He is the foal's father. Below is a picture of Hasnaa and Gamilla.