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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting Started on Writing for My Blog

I would like to welcome everyone who takes a moment to read what I have to say. I should have done this yesterday but some learn as they go and that is what it seems is the way I shall go.

I will try to keep you informed on my little world of Arabian horses. For me my horses are a God send. (you will learn why as my stories unfold).

I will start by giving you some information on how I came to own Arabians.
One day while fishing with some friends we started talking about Arabians. This was an interesting conversation as some of the group spoke very little English and my Arabic isn't the best but I can understand the gist of things. This one friend of my husband's father said he has a horse he wanted to give to me because I showed so much love for horses. I thought he was joking. During the following weeks we had gone fishing again many times and this gentleman had joined us on numerous occasions. Every time he would ask when did I want the horse he wanted to give to me. Still thinking he was joking I set up a date, time and place. I had asked a lot of questions about the horse, like: What is it? a girl or a boy?, What is its name? What color is it? I felt like a little kid again. I became very excited to receive a horse but there was a bump in this little fairytale.
Almost 30 years ago my husband and I made a deal, one you could call a prenuptial agreement. I had to give up riding horses and he had to give up flying gliders.  (more about that later)

My husband said it would be alright to go and see the horse. When the day came to see my gift I was floating between memories of my childhood and being unsure how my husband felt about horses. I was expecting to see Gloria as being a white filly of about a year old but to my surprise she was a chestnut filly. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and didn't fret too much about her color. Although my dreams she had been white. My husband too fell in love with her. It was written all over his face. Later he told me he loved her because he could see the love I had written all over my face.

Gloria isn't a pure Arabian but 3/4 Arabian. That didn't bother me one bit. We made arrangements to keep her at IEC (International Equestrian Club) near the pyramids. Everyday I would go to visit her and do all the things that I could do, like: brushing her, walking with her and playing with her in the corral. It wasn't long before I was making plans on what sport should she be used in.  She ran like the wind and was quicker than others that ran with her. So we thought we should train her for racing. One day someone had left out hurdles and I didn't notice them when I turned her out in the corral. To everyone's amzement she jumped the hurdles as if it was some sort of new game for her. So we tried it on other occasions to see if she would jump again. She did and she enjoyed it. You say how do I know if she enjoyed it. Well when the hurdles were set off to the side she would go paw at the posts and would jump when they were put out.

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