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Friday, January 21, 2011

Stuck! And time to vent!

Ah ....all the lush pillows and fresh sheets, a computer, TV playing in the background with Reality TV showing, window open to let in the fresh air, a half empty cup of coffee beside the stock of medication and injections I need for the next few days. I am stuck in bed once again. I am having problems with the nerves in my neck.Which has been the trouble in my back causing the spasms.   I think it goes deeper than that and it is linked to my MS!
All of this is great even have my son and his fiance bringing me anything and everything while I am in a neck lock (collar). I can't move my neck! I feel as if I am slowly being strangled and can't breath.  All while my hubby and other son is out fishing. I wish I was there as they are catching some big fish. If I can't go fishing at least let me see my horses... but no I must spend the next few days in bed. I have been in bed since last year. going out only a few times.

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