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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last night's pictures! ANWAR and ESMA today

 Dr.Sandy's visit to the horses and meeting Anwar!
Anwar at about 18 hours old.
 Tired mama!

 This is the second truck load of feed for the starving horses. ESMA is doing a great job getting the feed to the ones who really need it!

 Suzy and David keeping records of people that have donated and how much.
 Me and my new friend. Some of my Egyptian friends would quickly know who he is! For those of you who do not watch MELODY TV his name is Akram.
 Hamzawy doing his part in helping the starving animals.
 Another truck load of feed for the horses.
 Going to see horses that the owners have brought to us because they can't afford to feed or take care of them.

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