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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stepping up to the plate...once again

Hello to everyone.

Months have passed and so much has happened. Sorry about not posting before now, not being able to upload pictures made me lose interest in posting and sharing my world. Please forgive me.

The biggest news is Amesel had a filly. I called her Fardous which means "above Heaven" in Arabic. She was born on June 5, 2011. Amazingly I got to witness her birth as she was born during the day 1:00. She will be gray when she gets older just like her mother.

Gamil is starting to turn black.. I am not sure how this is possible because both of his parents are bays. Yes, his father is dark bay but his get is or has all been bays. At first I was a bit upset about him starting to change as I wanted to have a bay, but now that I think about it... it will be great to have a black stallion! Poor little guy sorta looks odd as he is changing, all splotchy and a huge black strip down his back which looks like someone used a miniature lawnmower on him. All down his legs are turning black and his hindquarters are bald with tiny black hairs.

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